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Why Reface Kitchen Cabinets?


"We are very pleased with the work that was done on our kitchen. The finished product shows the planning and care taken to make sure everything was first class. Your workmen did a very excellent job of keeping our kitchen area orderly. The skill of your crew was outstanding."

- Len R.



Remodeling a kitchen by tearing out and replacing all the cabinets is costly, messy, and time consuming.

American Wood Reface can reface your kitchen cabinets, instead of replacing them, to upgrade your kitchen’s quality, beauty and value, while allowing you to:


Save Time – We complete your kitchen in one week or less, while a general contractor may disrupt your household for as long as four to eight weeks to tear out and remodel your kitchen.

Save Money – American Wood Reface can create a stunning kitchen you’ll be proud of, for about half the cost of a typical full custom kitchen remodel.

Improve Quality – Our hand-selected solid woods, durable multi-step finishes, attractive hardware, and expert installation upgrades your kitchen to the quality of high-end custom cabinetry, enhancing its beauty and value. A striking kitchen can help you sell your home faster and at a higher price.

Improve Functionality – American Wood Reface can modify existing cabinets and add many of the modern features and accessories available with new cabinetry.

Add More Space – You’re not necessarily limited to your existing kitchen layout when you reface. It may be possible to reconfigure or add new cabinets perhaps even an island to expand your storage and counter space. Our kitchen design experts can help you see the possibilities.

Environmentally Friendly – Any kitchen cabinet size, grade, or configuration can be refaced and renewed, which means less scrap going into the landfill, and less new raw material being consumed, compared to tearing out and replacing cabinets.

Salvage Good Quality Older Cabinetry – Many older homes have built-in solid wood cabinetry that is superior in quality and durability to the inexpensive new stock cabinets available today. It is often a better choice to renew these older kitchen cabinets with a quality solid wood refacing system, rather than tearing out and replacing them with economy cabinets.

“But, I want new cabinets...”

Kitchen Remodels Keeping the Same Layout

In some instances, such as when homeowners are gutting their previous kitchen and knocking down walls, new cabinets are certainly the way to go. But most kitchen remodels are completed without much change to the existing layout, due to space constraints or locations of doors and windows. These kitchens are ideal candidates for homeowners to consider refacing.


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