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Cabinet Refacing in Canton Ohio

Canton Ohio is synonymous with a number of all-American things. Among them, the Pro Football Hall of Fame and the First Ladies National Historic Site. American Wood Reface is happy and proud to be able to serve the homeowners of Canton.

Just as the esteemed position of First Lady and professional football are emblematic of certain aspects of American culture and aspiration, so is homeownership. And when you own a home—when it is truly yours—every improvement is like a reaffirmation of the American Dream.

What we’re saying to you, Canton homeowners, (and others in Ohio as well), is that you’ve earned a newer, nicer, more up-to-date kitchen. And American Wood Reface would like to help you achieve that dream of having one.

Canton as an Emblematic City

Canton plays host to two prominent, all-American celebratory institutions. One is the Pro Football Hall of Fame. (This is the reason why Canton Ohio is sometimes referred to as the “Hall of Fame City.”)

Canton hosts the Hall of Fame because it’s the city where the NFL was founded back in 1920. In addition, one of the most dominating teams in the league’s early days was the Canton Bulldogs, who still hold the NFL’s record for most consecutive games played without a defeat.

Canton Ohio is also “first” when it comes to First Ladies! That’s because Canton hosts the First Ladies National Historic Site, which commemorates the esteemed holders of that title throughout American history from Martha Washington to the present day.

Ida Saxton McKinley, the wife of President William McKinley, hailed from Canton, and Canton hosts the historic site partly in honor of her.

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Refacing and Your Canton Kitchen

We know that Canton is home to these outstanding institutions. But if your home is also in Canton, is it no less deserving of a hall-of-fame treatment?

In other words, your home might benefit from an upgrade. How about a kitchen that looks brand new without all of the agony of a long, drawn-out, full-scale demolition effort?

That’s where kitchen cabinet refacing from American Wood Reface comes in!

What is Refacing?

Kitchen cabinet refacing can make your kitchen look and feel entirely new. You don’t have to tear out and fully replace all of your old cabinets to gain the joy of a kitchen that looks like it was just installed today.

An expert craftsman from American Wood Reface can remove all of the existing cabinet doors and the fronts for the drawer boxes in your kitchen and replace them with all-new ones.

And the best part is that our skilled carpenters can do this in about a week! You won’t lose much precious time with your kitchen!

Want to see the range of refacing options available to you?

Check out American Wood Reface’s online My Kitchen Palette feature and start exploring the array of wood grains, finishes, and design patterns available to you and your brand-new kitchen.

Refacing is Just One Part of Your Path to a Better Kitchen

From an aesthetic standpoint, refacing will take you far. It empowers you to give your kitchen a whole new look.

What about functionality? American Wood Reface can also bring your kitchen into the modern day, and with just as much skill and insight.

Need additional lighting in your kitchen? Try out under cabinet lighting from American Wood Reface!

Worried about space in your kitchen? We understand. That’s why we offer a host of add-ons including mixer lift, tilt-out trays, wine racks, swing-out pantries, pull-out organizers, and so much more!

Start your journey today on the road to a kitchen that both looks and works better for you!

Schedule a free virtual or in-home consultation with one of American Wood Reface’s kitchen specialists and get personalized insights into how we can transform your kitchen for you. You’ll be glad you did.

Cabinet Refacing Testimonials from Canton Ohio Customers

“I can't imagine how this could have gone more smoothly, and we LOVE the results!!! Roger was our carpenter and he did a masterful job. The sink and countertop look as beautiful as we could have hoped. Tear out and redo was completed in 10 working days at a price... Read More

Evelyn K.

“My kitchen is more beautiful than I could ever have imagined. Exceptional quality and craftsmanship by Patrick and Terry. This is a company that takes pride in its work. I highly recommend.”

Sandra M.

“I would highly recommend American Wood Reface if you are considering refacing your cabinets. They did an outstanding job of my kitchen remodel from the beginning phases through to the very end. Helpful assistance was provided with color and wood selection from their vast amount of inventory selections. The installer... Read More

Marsha S.

“This work was in a class by itself! The meticulous attention to detail has given me a kitchen far more beautiful than I even expected. This company not only lived up to their promises, but exceeded them. They began and finished precisely on time. Renewed my faith in exceptional tradespeople.”

Karen N.

“American Wood Reface is an A+++++ company! Every person I met and talked to was the ultimate professional as they answered all my questions, did impeccable work and cleaned up the work area so we didn’t have any mess at the end of each work day.”

Carol F.
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