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Cabinet Refacing in Copley Ohio

Copley Township was once rather rural. But in recent decades, it has grown to become more suburban. Everything changes over time.

Just as the landscape can change, the demographics can change, and the overall composition of any township can change, so can your kitchen.

Maybe your now-aging Copley kitchen was once a state-of-the-art marvel, but now it has simply fallen behind.

Perhaps it used to be an aesthetic wonder, impressing people from miles around with its beauty.

That may once have been the case. But people also used to admire legwarmers and headbands as fashion markers. Couldn’t your kitchen use an update?

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By Any Other Name…

There is only one Copley Township in the whole state of Ohio. That said, Copley wasn’t always called “Copley.”

The original name for Copley was “Greenfield” for Garner Green who founded it. Later, Green changed the name of the place to Copley to honor his wife’s heritage. She was descended from the Englishman Lord Copley.

So, it’s confirmed—Copley has a regal ancestor! Doesn’t your Copley kitchen deserve the royal treatment? Shouldn’t it impress anyone who lays eyes on it?

They don’t have to be covered in purple robes and fine jewels, but your kitchen cabinets could use some sprucing up, at least, couldn’t they?

In other words, Copley homeowner, maybe you ought to try kitchen cabinet refacing.

Let Cabinet Refacing Be Your Royal Treatment

Your kitchen cabinets have served you well. But now it’s time for an update.

Cabinet refacing gives you a chance to reward them and reap the aesthetic and functional benefits for yourself as well.

When you enlist the services of American Wood Reface, you get access to the insights and assistance of one of our kitchen specialists.

We can help you custom-design the look of your new kitchen. Check out our My Kitchen Palette feature here on our website to see the range of options you have. Choose your preferred wood grain, a complementary finish, and the design that will suit your kitchen best.

American Wood Reface, in addition to only employing skilled professionals, only uses the best materials. Our kitchen cabinet panels are thick and made of solid wood, not flimsy imitations like some competitors use.

We’re so confident in the skills of our carpenters and the high quality of our materials that we offer a lifetime guarantee on the work we do in your kitchen. The guarantee lasts for as long as you own your home!

Roll out the red carpet for yourself to march your way to a brand-new kitchen today. Set up a free virtual or in-home consultation with one of our kitchen specialists. Here at American Wood Reface, we’re sure you’ll be glad you did.

Cabinet Refacing Testimonials

“I would highly recommend American Wood Reface if you are considering refacing your cabinets. They did an outstanding job of my kitchen remodel from the beginning phases through to the very end. Helpful assistance was provided with color and wood selection from their vast amount of inventory selections. The installer... Read More

Marsha S.

“We had a wonderful experience here! They reface my kitchen in a custom color and finish. A year later and things are looking good as new. I recommend to everyone I know!”

Angela B.

“This work was in a class by itself! The meticulous attention to detail has given me a kitchen far more beautiful than I even expected. This company not only lived up to their promises, but exceeded them. They began and finished precisely on time. Renewed my faith in exceptional tradespeople.”

Karen N.

“American Wood Reface is an A+++++ company! Every person I met and talked to was the ultimate professional as they answered all my questions, did impeccable work and cleaned up the work area so we didn’t have any mess at the end of each work day.”

Carol F.
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