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Cabinet Refacing in Mentor Ohio

If you’re wondering what American Wood Reface can do for your Mentor kitchen, then the answer is, quite simply, a lot.

Kitchen refacing empowers you to remake your current kitchen into your dream kitchen. And the best part is that you don’t have to demolish your old kitchen to get your new one. That’s the beauty of kitchen refacing.

In about a week, kitchen cabinet refacing can give your kitchen a whole new life.

And kitchen cabinet refacing is a far more cost-effective solution to your kitchen woes than a complete kitchen tear-out and overhaul.

For yourself (and your kitchen), Mentor homeowner, you should seriously consider the many benefits of cabinet refacing.

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A Dedicated Kitchen Specialist Just for You!

There are a couple of different tales that relate the origins of the name “Mentor” for this city in Lake County.

The more straightforward story says that Mentor got its name from an early settler named Hiram Mentor.

A contrasting version of the naming tale says that Mentor was named for the Mentor whom the shrewd Odysseus left in place as a “mentor” for his son Telemachus after that wandering hero departed his home to fight in the Trojan War. (The word “mentor” as it is used in English today comes from this literary Mentor.)

At American Wood Reface, we know that the idea of refacing your entire kitchen might seem a bit daunting to some.

That’s why we can assign you your very own mentor to help you navigate the process from start to finish.

We call them kitchen specialists, and they can guide you through the odyssey of reaching the kitchen of your dreams.

Cabinet Refacing Insights for Your Kitchen

Our kitchen specialists will help you devise a plan for how to bring your outdated kitchen up to date.

Kitchen cabinet refacing, on the surface, is about removing those old, damaged kitchen cabinet doors and replacing them with new panels made of solid wood.

But cabinet refacing is actually so much more than that!

It can transform your kitchen into the dream culinary headquarters that you’ve always wanted!

This doesn't just apply to your kitchen’s aesthetics, though that is a big part of it. After all, who doesn’t want newer, nicer, professionally-made kitchen cabinet doors made of solid wood adorning their cabinets?

One of the main benefits of cabinet refacing is that it’s just one part of a process that allows you to reshape your kitchen to make it a more user-friendly place.

Need more space? American Wood Reface can install pull-out organizers and swing-out pantries that allow you to free up counter space and hide small appliances and other kitchen items.

We can also place new countertops in your kitchen so that your kitchen will have an all-new “unified” look.

And don’t forget about brightening everything up with under cabinet lighting!

Start the process today by requesting a free virtual or in-home consultation! Your kitchen will thank you!

Cabinet Refacing Testimonials

“I just had my kitchen redone by American Wood Reface! I can’t say enough about how nice, professional and meticulous my carpenter, Pat, was. My kitchen looks beautiful! It’s a hundred times better than I even expected. I couldn’t be happier!”

Arlin S.

“I can't imagine how this could have gone more smoothly, and we LOVE the results!!! Roger was our carpenter and he did a masterful job. The sink and countertop look as beautiful as we could have hoped. Tear out and redo was completed in 10 working days at a price... Read More

Evelyn K.

“I would highly recommend American Wood Reface if you are considering refacing your cabinets. They did an outstanding job of my kitchen remodel from the beginning phases through to the very end. Helpful assistance was provided with color and wood selection from their vast amount of inventory selections. The installer... Read More

Marsha S.

“This work was in a class by itself! The meticulous attention to detail has given me a kitchen far more beautiful than I even expected. This company not only lived up to their promises, but exceeded them. They began and finished precisely on time. Renewed my faith in exceptional tradespeople.”

Karen N.

“American Wood Reface is an A+++++ company! Every person I met and talked to was the ultimate professional as they answered all my questions, did impeccable work and cleaned up the work area so we didn’t have any mess at the end of each work day.”

Carol F.
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