Three Eco-Friendly Reasons to Choose Kitchen Refacing

If your New Years’ resolution was stay as eco-friendly as possible—we’ve got you (and your cabinets) covered.

Here are three environmentally-friendly reasons to choose refacing:


  1. Save large items from the landfills: A typical kitchen remodel involves tearing out and replacing the full kitchen, normally sending giant cabinet boxes to already over-crowded landfills. With American Wood Reface, we take the durability of your current cabinet boxes and bring beauty, quality, and functionality of a custom kitchen with our superior solid wood cabinet refacing—custom designed and skillfully installed.


Choose from hundreds of combinations of styles and finishes. Plus, with our ability to reconfigure or add cabinets (as well as incorporate modern accessories and features), the design possibilities are endless.


  1. Reduce emissions: When you choose refacing from American Wood Reface, we’re helping to reduce harmful emissions that could have been added to our atmosphere from the burning fuel for the large amounts of transportation of the large amounts of lumber needed to build out entirely new cabinets.


  1. Save trees: While we love seeing our happy customers save money, by recycling your cabinets, you’ve also helped to spare the trees that would be used to create new cabinet boxes. We’re better for the environment, better for trees, and better on your bank account.


This year, don’t choose between being environmentally-friendly and budget-friendly. Do both with American Wood Reface. Schedule your free consultation today!

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