Solutions for Optimizing Blind Corner Cabinet Space

Angled corner drawer banks

If there’s one thing in a kitchen people often wish they had more of, it’s likely storage. And when it comes to storage, it’s all about kitchen cabinets. When you have tons of seldom-used pots and pans and small appliances to store away, every cabinet counts, and there’s always that one that’s a pain to access such as blind corner cabinet space.

You know that corner cabinet that feels like a black hole of old canned goods and odds and ends? That’s a blind corner, and the good news is that the team at American Wood Reface is able to help you get the most out of it using innovative solutions and high- quality cabinet refacing.

What is a Blind Corner?

blind cabinet space

A blind corner is what it’s called when part of a cabinet is blocked or hidden by a perpendicular cabinet run, thus making it difficult to reach in and find what you’re looking for.

Although corner cabinets provide a good amount of storage space, it’s nearly impossible to see what you’re looking for when reaching back into the farthest depths of that cabinet, especially when you’re squatting down to the level of a lower base cabinet or standing on your toes to reach into an upper corner cabinet.

So why are cabinets sometimes built this way? As with almost anything, building something with custom dimensions or special features costs more, so builders have made this the standard for cabinets as a way to avoid more complicated specifications. But the good news is that there are plenty of solutions to remedy this pesky cabinet situation.

Solutions for Blind Corner Cabinets

Pull-Out Shelving Systems
Using the blind cabinet you have, a shelving system can be installed that makes it much easier to see and reach the contents of the cabinet. These shelving systems are similar to a lazy susan in that they move around, but actually pull out of the cabinet for full visibility. These are intricate systems that are perfectly designed to utilize the entire cabinet space.

Angled Cabinets and Drawer Banks

Angled corner drawer banks

An angled cabinet is much easier to access than a blind corner cabinet, and even better is a bank of drawers. Our team often converts cabinets into drawer banks for easier access to, and better use of, storage space. This type of altercation is bit more involved, as we have to make modifications to your existing cabinet boxes and install track systems for the drawers to run on.

Angled Wine Racks or Shelving
Similar to the angled drawer bank solution, we can angle in a wine rack or open shelves to eliminate the tight-cornered blind cabinet. This kind of design element can offer your kitchen a sense of high-quality customization that you won’t find in every home. But like the angled drawer bank, making these types of larger modifications will require a larger budget. Talk to us about what’s right for you!

Traditional Lazy Susans

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You probably had one of these in the house you grew up in… It’s the well-known lazy Susan rotating cabinet with either a folding or fixed door. While these have been used for decades now, lazy Susans have come a long way and are still a great solution to optimizing blind cabinet space.

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Where Does Cabinet Refacing Come In?

Cabinet refacing is a great way to utilize your existing cabinets that have good structural integrity but the outward facing components aren’t the highest of quality or in a style you enjoy. When approaching a project to remedy something like a blind corner cabinet, it’s not necessary to tear down all of your cabinetry just because you have to build one of them brand new. Plus it’s certainly not good for the landfills to take on all of that scrapped material!

When it comes to solutions where larger modifications are needed to optimize your cabinets, you might wonder if it’s possible to achieve a finished result that looks harmonious. Rest assured that cabinet refacing — the process of covering exterior surfaces of cabinet boxes with solid wood overlay and installing new cabinets doors and drawer fronts — allows us to give both your existing and newly constructed cabinets a cohesive overall look and premium quality.

See Your Corner Cabinet in a New Light

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