Cabinet Refacing Quality

Are you planning to include new cabinets for your upcoming kitchen remodel? To make the best decision for your home and budget, be sure to first understand the different levels of quality available in new cabinetry.

Once you understand cabinetry grades, we’re confident you’ll see why solid wood cabinet refacing by American Wood Reface provides quality cabinet refacing options similar to custom cabinetry at a terrific value and without the mess of tearing out cabinets. Refacing gives you the widest range of choices, craftsman quality, and increased value of a custom kitchen.

Compare Cost & Quality Between Cabinetry Grades

This chart gives you a breakdown of the quality of materials used, sizing, and choices in styles, features, finishes, and trims. See why cabinet refacing may be the best option for your kitchen remodel project.

Stock or Entry-Level
Style/OptionsLimited trim and features.More choices in door style, finish, trim, and accessories.The most choices in door style, finish, trim, and accessories.
Size AvailabilityLimited to 3″ increments.More choice in sizes.No restrictions, any height or width.
Cabinet ConstructionThin veneered particleboard or decorative-matching paper over particleboard. Often use frameless construction.“Engineered wood” which is a fancy name for particleboard or medium-density fiberboard (MDF).Cabinet grade plywood.
Drawer Box ConstructionStapled particleboard or stapled wood.Ranges between stock and custom.Solid wood sides with dovetail joinery and a bottom that fits in grooves on four side of the drawer box.
Shelving3/8″ – 1/2″ coated particleboard or unfinished plywood with plastic shelf pins.1/2″ – 3/4″ particleboard or cabinet grade plywood.3/4″ cabinet grade plywood with metal shelf tracks.
Cabinet DoorsLaminate or thermofoil over particleboard or medium-density fiberboard.Ranges between stock and custom. Sometimes a plywood panel is used on flat panel doors.Solid wood frame surrounding a solid wood floating panel.

Create Your Own Cabinet Style With American Wood Reface

Choose from thousands of solid woods, beautiful finishes, and attractive door styles to complement your home, lifestyle, and taste. Our designers will help you mix and match to create a look you love.

Explore door styles, colors and finishes to envision a new look for your kitchen with our Custom Cabinet Palette Tool.