Cabinet Refacing Costs Won’t Break Your Bank

You want a new kitchen. Correction: You’ve wanted a new kitchen for a long time. What’s been holding you back? Not knowing how to plan for it? Unsure of where to even begin? Fears about high costs?

At American Wood Reface, we understand. That’s why we’re here to introduce you to the value that high-quality refacing can bring to your kitchen and your whole home. Our team of experts helps homeowners like you achieve the vision of your dream kitchen without being breaking the bank.

During a free in-home or virtual consultation, one of our kitchen specialists will ask you about your vision and take you through design options, step by step.

No Surprises, No Gimmicks

With the straight-forward pricing at American Wood Reface and your kitchen specialist in the lead, you won’t ever be caught off guard by unexpected cabinet refacing costs.

American Wood Reface deeply values the trust we have forged between our customers and our talented construction professionals.

High Quality Combined with Affordability

You could do a complete kitchen renovation. That might involve tearing out all of your kitchen cabinets and fully replacing each and every one of them. It could easily mean piling up all of your dishes and small appliances in the living room. You might even end up having to move your refrigerator and stove out of the kitchen. Where will you put them? In the garage? And this full kitchen tear-out could leave you without a functioning kitchen for weeks, or perhaps even for months. This might be a high-quality solution, but can you handle the costs, both in time and money?

Still, you might be holding yourself back from making any sort of kitchen upgrades because you’re just as afraid of cabinet refacing costs as you are of kitchen renovation costs.

American Wood Reface has good news for you. Cabinet refacing costs won’t be burdensome, either in time or money. In fact, our carpenters will have your new refaced kitchen ready in about a week after starting work on it.

And we know that you’ll embrace the affordability of a kitchen refacing project from us as well. In fact, we’re sure that our cabinet refacing costs will be far less than the price associated with a complete and total kitchen renovation.

Plus, American Wood Reface’s prices will compete with those of any other refacing company that does quality refacing work. You might find cheaper options elsewhere, but you won’t get our top-level craftsmanship and materials by going with an inferior outfit.

Ready to start learning more about how you can get that dream kitchen you’ve long wanted? Contact American Wood Reface today!

Create Your Own Cabinet Style With American Wood Reface

Choose from thousands of solid woods, beautiful finishes, and attractive door styles to complement your home, lifestyle, and taste. Our designers will help you mix and match to create a look you love.

Explore door styles, colors and finishes to envision a new look for your kitchen with our Custom Cabinet Palette Tool.