Cherry Wood Cabinets: Beauty That Evolves

kitchen with newly refaced cherry wood cabinets

Cherry wood cabinets have long been a sought-after kitchen design feature. They appeal to those who prize both the look and the other many fine features this attractive hardwood brings to their cabinetry. To understand why they’re so highly valued, we should first examine the qualities of cherry wood itself.

Cherry’s Appealing Features

cherry wood hanging kitchen cabinet with glass doors

Cherry wood is a popular choice for many furniture makers and other woodworking professionals. Carpenters commonly use this fine hardwood for kitchen cabinets.

A trait of cherry wood is that it dramatically changes color over time. This is one of its more appealing characteristics.

Although there are, of course, variations among cherry wood sourced from different trees, harvested cherry wood often starts out a golden color and gradually darkens to appear more reddish-brown over time. (This mature color is what many people think of when they imagine cherry wood cabinets in their kitchens.)

newly refaced kitchen with cherry wood cabinets

Why does cherry wood darken over time? It’s likely because of exposure to UV light and to the air. This causes chemical changes to take place in the wood itself.

As for its workability, carpenters like cherry wood because it is flexible but also durable and has a smooth finish. Cherry is a hardwood whose resistance to dents and scratches is stronger than that of other commonly-used woods such as cedar and birch.

Cherry Wood Cabinets and Refacing

wine cabinet made of cherry wood

The fact that cherry is such a fine wood, both in appearance and durability, explains why so many people are looking to upgrade their kitchens with cherry wood cabinets.

And for those of you who want to finally achieve your dream of a brand-new kitchen without enduring all the hassle of a complete renovation, thankfully, there’s refacing!

Combine the desire for cherry wood cabinets with the opportunity that refacing presents and you have a match made in kitchen heaven!

modern style kitchen with cherry wood cabinets

Cherry-Select is just one of the many options that American Wood Reface offers to customers who want to reface their existing kitchen cabinets. Some imitators will offer thin, flimsy, inferior, plastic refacing materials. But American Wood Reface will upgrade your kitchen with 1/4″ solid wood facing and brand new custom-made, solid wood doors.

What does this mean for your kitchen? It means that you get to have the look of those cabinets that you have long dreamed of. But you won’t have to suffer through weeks of your kitchen being out of commission due to demolition. In fact, American Wood Reface can do all of your on-site kitchen refacing work in about a week!

Think about enjoying the fruits of your labors with cherry wood cabinets in your brand-new kitchen. Contact American Wood Reface for a free in-home or virtual consultation today!

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