Chic Remodel Inspiration for Your Next Kitchen Project

Is your kitchen the dirty little secret of the neighborhood? Do you find yourself rerouting friends and neighbors around your kitchen, so they won’t see its 1990s layout and composite countertops? If your kitchen needs a remodel, you may already have lots of great ideas regarding the upgrades you’d like to make. Usually, as a kitchen ages, it not only takes on a dated feel, but it begins to lack functionality, too. 

Older appliances, vs new appliances, simply aren’t as energy efficient as newer models, and the finishes and layouts that were popular twenty years ago now feel old and uninspired. If this describes your current kitchen, it’s probably time for a remodel. We have tons of chic and trending ideas for your remodel inspiration. 

Play Around With Color

While most homeowners still prefer a neutral background palette, adding pops of color is a great way to brighten and freshen any space. You can bring color into your space through:

base cabinets - functional kitchen cabinet ideas
  • Cabinetry
  • Flooring
  • Countertops
  • Backsplash
  • Appliances
  • Accessories

For example, colored wood cabinetry in shades of soft green, navy blue, or a warm, buttery yellow are stunning in a modern kitchen. Additionally, these colors can be attained through kitchen cabinet refacing. And if you’re a bit hesitant to embrace these hues in such a bold way, you can still bring them inside by adding a strip of iridescent glass tiles to your backsplash or by tiling your floor in the dark, elegant shades of natural slate. 

Functional Appliances in Drawers or Cabinetry

Functional appliances cabinet

Hidden appliances are another trending feature in the modern kitchen helping homeowners who want to highlight their kitchen backsplash. When you stash food processors, coffee makers, and stand mixers in easy-to-access cabinetry, it creates a clean, minimalist look on your countertops. Do this by opting for cool cabinet features such as retractable appliance lifts, lift-up cabinet doors, and roll-out shelving.

In this way, small appliances are stored out of sight, but they’re easy to access and ready to use simply by opening a cabinet door and tugging or rolling out a platform or shelf. 

Rollouts for drawers and cabinets will help utilize the back spaces that were not easy to access previously. Some owners opt for adding a lazy susan for corner cabinets so that space becomes easier to access. Considering changes like this throughout the kitchen will help you minimize items on the counter bringing your backsplash to everyone’s attention. 

Opt for a Wood Aesthetic

Wooden Cabinet in the kitchen

Today’s wooden cabinetry bears little-to-no resemblance to the dark, rustic wood doors and drawers of your grandmother’s kitchen. Today’s wood can look light and spacious. Or, it can create two-tone values when you opt for light-colored uppers and dark lowers.

Additionally, different colored wood insets can be added too. Even a wood-on-wood kitchen can be stunning if you mix the values correctly. Wood floors, wooden cabinets, and butcher-block countertops can combine to create a stunning kitchen, but to utilize it well, you may want to enlist the services of a professional designer who understands how one complements the others. 

And wood in the kitchen doesn’t have to stop at your cabinetry, countertops, and flooring. Large, freestanding statement furniture, such as dining tables, sideboards, or hutches can be heirloom pieces that make your brand new kitchen look timeless and classic. 

Stand Out With Lighting

There are so many more options than recessed can lights when it comes to kitchen design. A few of our favorites include:

Refaced countertops in a well-lit kitchen
  • Chandeliers
  • Pendant lights
  • Orbs
  • Under-cabinet lighting
  • Sconces
  • Flush-mount ceiling fixtures
  • Track lighting
  • Skylights or solar tubes

Kitchen lighting can be the impetus for your kitchen remodel inspiration, and it usually begins with natural light. Adding features such as windows, skylights, French doors, or solar tubes can flood your new kitchen with natural light. And then the pretty fixtures you add are simply the beautiful icing on the cake. 

Mix Your Marbles and Metals

Kitchen with marbled interior design

No one can argue the beauty and longevity of natural stone, such as marble, in the kitchen. And when you’re incorporating it into your flooring, your backsplash, or using it as the countertop on your island, consider accenting it with gorgeous metals.

M&M, or marble & metal, is the new winning combination, and once you see it in action, you’re bound to adopt it as inspiration for your next kitchen remodel. The result will be a classic, industrial mashup that becomes its own unique focal point. 

For instance, consider running a band of stainless steel tiles through your marble backsplash. Or, accent your marble countertops with metallic cabinet hardware above and below. You’re going to love how these two unique and independent finishes complement one another to create a whole new look. 

If it’s time to sit down with a professional kitchen consultant to discuss your latest remodel inspiration, the professionals at American Wood Reface are great resources. You can have the fresh, modern kitchen of your dreams, and it’s probably much more doable than you realize. But knowing exactly which style you want is a good first step. 

Sometimes these projects can be a lot, we know. Here at American Wood Reface, everyone is provided with a consultation. Our team will help you save time, money, and make picking your next kitchen easy. With locations across Ohio, South Carolina, and North Carolina, we are here to help. Call today at 1-800-645-4594.