3 Easy Steps on How to Achieve Perfectly Customized Cabinet Doors

A refaced kitchen with new white cabinet doors

Of all parts of the home, perhaps none is more important than your home’s kitchen. Surveys have shown that people are willing to pay more for bigger, more beautiful, and renovated kitchens than other parts of their house!

You can easily customize your cabinet doors to refresh the look of your home, fit your style, and add value to your home at a surprisingly affordable cost through refaced cabinets and customized cabinet doors!

Customize Your Cabinet Door in 3 Easy Steps

Refacing your cabinets involves getting rid of old, outdated, and damaged cabinet doors and replacing them with beautiful, solid wood doors. Your surrounding cabinets are also updated during the process and are covered with solid wood to add strength and achieve a high-quality look.

This process is relatively inexpensive, much less invasive, and less time-consuming than completely replacing your cabinets or remodeling.

Step 1: Choose Your Wood Type

quarter sawn white oak cabinet wood style

Solid wood is the best option for refacing your cabinets and for choosing new doors online or in-person (not all refacing companies do this so make sure and ask!).


Solid wood provides a thick outer layer to your custom cabinet that can stand up to years of wear and tear. It’s always better to choose solid wood over cheaper alternatives such as laminate and veneer, which can peel off or become damaged over time. You can choose the wood that best fits your look to match your custom cabinet style and for your pre-made cabinet doors.

Some woods we recommend to choose from include: 

  • Birch Solid Wood, which is a light, beige-colored wood that is durable and affordable, and can provide a bright modern look to your kitchen.
  • Cherry Solid Wood, which is a beautiful, dark-colored wood with red hues that can darken/age over time increasing its beauty.
  • Hickory Solid Wood, which comes in medium to dark finishes and is great for a farm-type kitchen look, is also extremely durable and used in axes handles. cherry solid wood style palette
  • Maple Solid Wood, this fine, smoother appearing wood is readily available and is a great wood to customize through custom staining and painting.
  • Quartersawn White Oak, which has unique textured patterns due to how it is cut and can provide a sturdy kitchen cabinet that stands the test of time.
  • Red Oak Solid Wood, is a dense, warm-colored wood that has a unique grain and is a good choice for traditional-style cabinets.
  • Walnut Solid Wood, which has a gorgeous, bold dark brown color and can fit any modern kitchen cabinet, although it is a bit more expensive and difficult to find.

Step 2: Choose Your Wood Finish

winters gate/black accent solid color wood finish

Every wood is different and has unique coloring. However, adding a finish to your pre-made cabinet doors adds another layer of beauty and durability.

  • Country Pine /Chocolate Glaze, this finish can keep the beauty of the natural wood underneath while adding a light brown hue.
  • Country Pine / Black Glaze, this is a great finish to darken the wood of even lighter-colored wood cabinets while still showing the grain pattern beneath.
  • Country Pine, which brings out the woodgrain and darkens your wood with a couple of shades.
  • Fruitwood, which is a natural wood stain that adds a light brown hue to your wood.
  • Fruitwood / Chocolate Glaze, which is made of the same natural wood stain as fruitwood but darkens to a deep brown on cherry and only a couple of shades on other woods.
  • Golden Oak, which is a great choice on lighter-colored woods and provides a gorgeous, cream-colored look to the wood.
  • Natural/ Chocolate Glaze, which is a popular choice for natural woods like maple that bring out the grain and provide a luxurious, dark finish.
  • Natural, which still protects your custom cabinet doors while showcasing the beautiful color and patterned grain underneath. wood color finish sample palette
  • Tuscan, which gives a reddish hue to even lighter-colored woods for a warm, modern kitchen.
  • Wheat/ Chocolate Glaze, this combination highlights natural wood colors while providing a tone lighter shade that is subtle, yet striking.
  • Wheat, which protects your cabinet doors and looks great on lighter-colored woods, preserving the natural look and grain of the doors.
  • Solid Colors, depending on your preferences or feelings about finishes, there are also many solid colors with and without highlight glaze including white, cream, gray, black, tan, beige, brown, and even blue! 

Step 3: Choose Your Door Style

When you order pre-made cabinet doors or go with a reface, you can choose the style of door you want to add flair and style to your kitchen. These door styles compliment any modern or traditional kitchen. We’ve included some of our most popular below:

Select Cherry Wood Cabinet

  • Arch, which has a beautiful inlaid arch for a bold, classic look
  • Cathedral, similar to arch doors but with more curves and a great choice for traditional kitchens
  • Miter, modern with concentric rectangles
  • Bead, made up of various panels that compliment farm-style kitchens
  • Ogee edge, with raised door panel edges that look good in any setting
  • Plain Batten, with smooth surfaces excellent for modern designs
  • Square edge, the simplest design in most kitchens
  • Shaker, with deep concentric rectangles and a simple design
  • Square, smooth, and matches any part of the kitchen

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