Kitchen Upgrade with Select Cherry Wood Cabinets

Kitchen upgrade with solid wood cabinets in select cherry wood
Kitchen upgrade with solid wood cabinets in select cherry wood


American Wood Reface – Charlotte, NC

Project Location:

Charlotte, NC

Project Scope:

This couple was tired of their white thermofoil cabinets that had started to peel and wanted to achieve a more upscale look without having to completely replace the cabinets. They were fine with the overall layout of their kitchen, but just wanted to freshen it up with higher quality surfaces and appliances.

Project Solution:

Although these homeowners weren’t thrilled with their peeling thermofoil cabinets (see image to the right), they knew that they were still in good structural shape and didn’t want to replace them. Cabinet refacing was the perfect solution to revitalize this kitchen and give the homeowners the upscale look they were hoping for. We use only select grade wood and the finest quarter-inch solid wood facing to renew the cabinets. The quality of our materials and our work was noted by the homeowner who said, “I come from a family of masons; my father was a stone cutter and my mother specialized in furniture restoration, so I know good quality when I see it.”

Peeling white thermofoil cabinets

The couple chose cherry wood for their cabinetry for a nice change from their previous white thermofoil cabinets and for a richer, more luxurious look. To add to the luxury, we installed crown molding above the cabinets that features a rope detail for a unique and interesting twist that ties in with the Miter rope cabinet doors—all in solid, select cherry wood. In addition, we were able to create a custom bookcase at the end of the existing island where the couple can display all of their cookbooks.

In addition to refacing the cabinets, our team installed the couple’s brand new appliances and countertops which helped tie everything together for a high-quality finished product. Not only does the new kitchen look amazing, it is much more durable and functional now with solid wood cabinets that will last the lifetime of their home.

Project Highlight:

Have you ever thought about how wood grade affects the longevity of your kitchen cabinets? Thermofoil cabinets are essentially vinyl material that has been heated and stretched over engineered wood. As evidenced by the homeowner’s cabinets before refacing, thermofoil does not hold up over time and eventually starts to bubble and peel, showing signs of wear more quickly than solid hardwood.

But even some hardwood cabinets do not offer the quality and longevity that you want in kitchen cabinets. Lower grades of wood often have defects or color differences that become more noticeable over time. That’s why we use only the highest quality select hardwoods. These homeowners won’t have to worry about replacing or refacing their cabinets again for as long as they live in the home.

Learn more about wood grade and it’s importance for kitchen cabinets.

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