Traditional Kitchen Remodel with Contrasting Island

Traditional kitchen remodel in Akron, Ohio, done by American Wood Reface


American Wood Reface – Medina, Ohio

Project Location:

Akron, OH

Project Scope:

These homeowners have always liked white cabinets but were never happy with the quality and style of their cabinets. Outdated cabinet doors combined with white laminate countertops and a simple white tile backsplash all added up to a dull, dated and low-quality look. Without overhauling the entire kitchen, the homeowners wanted to choose the most beneficial and impactful upgrades that would transform their space, and that included new cabinets, countertops, backsplash, and lighting.

Project Solution:

Because the overall footprint and layout of the kitchen were staying the same, and their existing cabinets were in fairly good structural condition, a great place to start was with updating cabinetry with refacing. Solid wood refacing was the perfect solution to transform their dated cabinets into new, higher-quality cabinets in a style the homeowners actually like!

Perimeter cabinets were refaced in birch with a Parchment finish, and the island was refaced in select cherry wood in a Tuscan finish. All cabinet doors and drawer fronts were replaced to achieve the right style for the homeowners. They chose a square frame and flat panel design that looks great in both traditional and contemporary spaces. The cabinets were finished off with cove molding for a complete and upscale look. Not only are the cabinets now the right style for the homeowners, they are also refaced with high-quality materials that will provide lasting durability.

In addition to the cabinets, the countertops were also changed to give the kitchen a new look. The dated laminate countertops were replaced with New Venetian Gold granite that looks great with both the Parchment and Tuscan finishes of the cabinetry.

The island typically becomes the focal point of the kitchen because of its size and placement, so it’s important that it looks good and also functions well. This island was given a complete makeover with the cabinet refacing, countertop change and the addition of the pendant lights hanging overhead and under cabinet lighting. These lights were added to give the space a little more style and to bring some warmth and light into space. New lighting is one of the simpler ways to change up your kitchen design and make an impact on the overall design.

Project Highlight:

The highlight of this project is the combination of specific items that were selected to be changed. When you don’t want a complete overhaul of every element in your kitchen, there are things you can change that will make a big impact, such as cabinetry, countertops, lighting, and backsplash. This kitchen wasn’t completely transformed as the flooring and layout stayed the same, but changing key aspects of the kitchen makes it feel like a completely new space.

When making targeted, strategic changes and updates to your kitchen rather than a complete overhaul, refacing is advantageous in that it saves a lot of time, and potentially money, as well. Where you might be more willing to accept a long timeline and large budget when your entire kitchen is being remodeled, a shorter timeline and fewer expenses are expected when making smaller updates. Learn more about the most beneficial kitchen upgrades you can make for a big impact.

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