Transitional Kitchen Upgrade

a picture of the kitchen after refacing featuring a white cabinet extended to the ceiling and will cornered countertop and proper placement of the appliances


American Wood Reface – Medina, Ohio

Project Location:

Copley, OH

Project Scope:

This dated kitchen was in need of an aesthetic and functional overhaul. The trash bin was unsightly, the wall underneath the bar top seating area was getting badly scuffed, and lighting wasn’t sufficient for work spaces.

Project Solution:

With a combination of solid wood refacing, custom-built cabinetry, and many unique and creative solutions, this kitchen was completely transformed. The visual impact and ‘wow’ factor were greatly improved, as were storage and countertop space. Innovative features were added, such as a touch faucet, servo trash, and all LED lighting—both canned ceiling lights and under-cabinet lighting—greatly enhancing function, convenience, and energy savings. A full-height quartz backsplash matches the new countertops and creates a stunning seamless effect. There’s also a large countertop overhang that can be used as a seating area, featuring a tile wall underneath to reduce scuffing and wear on the wall. After the project was finished, the homeowner stated she “died and went to kitchen heaven.”

Project Highlight:

The full height quartz backsplash that matches the countertops is a bold statement as-is, but LED under cabinet lighting was added to create even more of a bold, dramatic effect. The lighting bounces off the quartz, catching different colors and specks of sparkle, and ultimately creates a glowing effect that gives the room a warm, inviting, and upscale look.

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