Five Trending Family-Friendly Designs for Your Remodeled Kitchen

At the beginning and end of every day—does your family end up in the kitchen, like ours?


Eating a quick breakfast together around the kitchen counter, cooking dinner while talking about your days, or reminding your family (for the sixth time) to pick up their bookbags and coats from the kitchen counter and hang them up.


When you’re ready to begin the process of updating and falling in love with your kitchen space, we’re here to help you make sure your kitchen is designed with top family-friendly modifications in mind.


At American Wood Reface, we have a dedicated team of kitchen design experts. This team of specialists work with you in the comfort of your own home to assist you in selection and design.


With them, you are able to view styles and colors with existing lighting, color schemes, and décor—the ideal conditions for making design choices for your family.


Top five trending family-friendly designs we’re seeing:


Family Layout: Looking for a layout that’s good for your entire family? Try adding a kitchen island—the perfect place to gather, cook or enjoy meals together.

Spill-proof services: You think people cry over spilled milk? Try red food coloring on your new white countertops. Whether you have a toddler or a teenager at home, having surfaces in your kitchen that can easily be cleaned, like quartz countertops, is a must.

Round edges: And while we’re talking countertops, with family-friendly installs, we recommend rounding the edges of your countertop surfaces. So, whether heads or bellies bump into them—it won’t hurt.

Touch-free faucets: Children can struggle with turning faucets and on and may accidently turn on the hot water. Touch-free faucets (are surprisingly affordable!) and can be pre-set to ensure the safest start temperature for your family.

Family-friendly storage: As parents, we’re all about teaching independence. Does your child have easy access to their dishes and snacks? With functional pullout, storage drawers, all of their items can be in one place—for simple, day-to-day use!

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