It’s Time to Reface Cabinets in Your Kitchen

Flowers in a vase on an island in a refaced kitchen

Have you looked around your kitchen lately and thought that it needs an upgrade? Would you like to give it some real TLC? Maybe you’re just tired of its worn-out appearance and wonder if it can ever look and feel like new again. Perhaps you’ve heard about companies that offer kitchen refacing or reface cabinets, but you’re not sure you know what that can mean for your home.

At American Wood Reface, we hear you loud and clear. And if you have questions about how to reface cabinets in your kitchen, we’ve got answers!

Why Would You Reface Cabinets in Your Home?

Why reface cabinets in your home, you ask? Because this is a great way to give yourself the gift of a brand-new kitchen without the invasiveness of a complete and total demolition and remodeling job. In other words, do it because you want to do it! And because refacing adds value and gives you the same full range of kitchen options that you would get with installing a totally brand-new kitchen.

Like many of our customers, maybe you had kids in the house and are now empty-nesters. When they were toddlers, your kids drew on your kitchen cabinets with magic markers. Then they got older, and turned into teenagers who slammed those same kitchen cabinet doors. But now they’ve grown up and you’ve got the house all to yourself again. What a perfect time to give yourself a newer, better kitchen and know that it will last as long as you own your home!

Caring about the environment is also a major factor that leads many people to decide to reface cabinets in their kitchen. After all, completely demolishing your kitchen has the potential to generate a lot of waste. Why do that when you can get the look and feel of an all-new kitchen through refacing?

Time and cost are always considerations when it comes to embarking on a new project in your home, whether it’s an add-on, refacing cabinets, or any other transformative project. American Wood Reface takes pride in offering the most affordable, high-quality refacing service around. Now imagine having a kitchen that is practically brand new in about a week! Plus, quick turnaround time compared to a complete kitchen redo can be just as appealing as affordability. And with American Wood Reface, you get the benefits of both.

Quality Refacing Above All Else

Most of all, our customers here at American Wood Reface appreciate quality.

We know that if you’re going to reface cabinets in your home, you want them to look like new and feel like new, with all of the refacing components made of the finest materials. That’s why we fully replace your old cabinet doors and drawer box fronts with 1/4″ premium hardwood expertly crafted with a durable finish.

And, best of all, the same carpenter will stay with your personalized kitchen project from start to finish.

Time for Your Kitchen

Your home is your castle, and your kitchen is one of its most valuable rooms. It should look and function just the way you want it to.

If you’ve never considered what it might mean to reface cabinets before, check out some of our work for inspiration. Then reach out to our team for a free in-home or virtual consultation. We’ll show you all the ways we can transform one of the most important rooms in your home.

Create Your Own Cabinet Style With American Wood Reface

Choose from thousands of solid woods, beautiful finishes, and attractive door styles to complement your home, lifestyle, and taste. Our designers will help you mix and match to create a look you love.

Explore door styles, colors and finishes to envision a new look for your kitchen with our Custom Cabinet Palette Tool.