Kitchen Cabinet Molding Your Solution For Home Upgrades

Kitchen cabinet molding atop a set of newly-refaced cabinets

Kitchen cabinet molding is just one of the exciting home upgrades you can incorporate into your refacing project as you strive to make this important room truly your own.

Naturally, your dream kitchen can be more functional than the one you have now. It can use space better too. But you also want it to be more aesthetically pleasing. Kitchen cabinet molding, as a part of a broader refacing project, can give you the eye-catching solution you’ve been waiting for.

For those molding novices who may not even know how to recognize this transformative adornment, American Wood Reface offers a brief primer below.

What is Kitchen Cabinet Molding?

Kitchen cabinet molding is a great way to complete your kitchen and enhance it with a decorative flourish. Molding describes a piece of material that serves as an ornamental addition to an architectural structure or covers the spot where two surfaces meet.

One of the most common and noticeable types of molding is called “crown molding.”

Crown molding, living up to its name, generally “crowns” the tops of cabinets, windows, and doors. It also often fills the corner where the ceiling of a room meets its walls.

The molding of this variety will be made of wood, just as your kitchen cabinets are. The type of wood and the choice of finish will match the rest of your kitchen cabinets. When you reface, you can choose a design style that best enhances the pattern you pick for your new kitchen cabinet doors.

Why Should You Install Kitchen Cabinet Molding?

The most straightforward answer to this question is because it looks pleasing to the eye!

Kitchen cabinet molding such as crown molding gives you a chance to truly complete your kitchen refacing project. It transforms your cabinets into functional works of art in your home! With molding, you will get that truly “polished” look that you wanted when you chose to reface your kitchen in the first place.

Other Types of Molding

Although crown molding is the most decorative kind of kitchen cabinet molding, there are other varieties that can help to complete the look of any kitchen. These include corner molding, light rail molding, and base molding, to name just a few.

When you choose to reface your kitchen with American Wood Reface, you get all of these molding options and more. Whether you want fluted columns, corner posts, and spindles, corbels and brackets, or wainscoting, we’re here to make your kitchen vision a reality.

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