Low-Cost Kitchen Remodeling Ideas

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If you’re looking for kitchen remodeling ideas on a small budget, you’re in luck. Our team at American Wood Reface has put together this list of the best ways to save money on your remodel while still getting that beautiful space you’ve dreamed up. 

While we always recommend hiring a professional for some aspects of your renovation project, there are times when doing a few simple tasks yourself can help you stretch your available funds even further.

The key is knowing where the job is simple enough that even if there’s a problem, you won’t create a bigger issue later on by not hiring a trained professional. In the end, mistakes cost you more in the budget and later financially. That’s why it is so important to know the difference.

Four Kitchen Remodel Ideas on a Budget

1. Replace Cabinet Doors

At American Wood Reface, we notice a lot of customers who have great cabinets but the fronts are just a little outdated or the wrong color. In this instance, we generally recommend homeowners replace cabinet doors instead of the whole unit. Often, this gives you the look you’re going for at a small fraction of the cost. Even new hardware or a different style can make a huge difference in the aesthetic of your space.

Refaced kitchen cabinets with partial glass doors

2. Refurbish Appliances

Instead of totally getting rid of your working appliances, consider refurbishing them. There are tons of paint kits and other options on the market that make it easy to redo your current appliances to ensure they match nicely in your new space. Remember, the key here is to remodel your home without breaking the bank, and using what you have on hand for big-ticket items can be a major way to save.

Refurbished kitchen appliances

3. Keep the Same Kitchen Layout

While it might sound like a good idea to completely try to change the layout of your kitchen as they do on home renovation shows, the truth is this takes a pretty good chunk out of your budget. Instead, try to opt for keeping the same basic configuration, such as where walls or cabinets currently sit. If you must remove or add something, try to keep it to a minimum level, like tearing out an old island and putting in a new or slightly bigger one.

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4. Tackle Some Changes Yourself

If you’re really looking for Kitchen Remodeling Ideas on a budget, then we also suggest tackling some of the changes on your own. While hiring a contractor for the big stuff is always a good idea to keep from having bigger problems in the future, there are certain times when the task is simple enough that it just makes more sense to do it yourself.

Here are a few areas where the projects are pretty simple and you can really save on labor costs to stretch your overall budget much further.

Interior Painting

One of the top ways to save money on your kitchen remodel is by handling the interior painting yourself. While it does take time to handle all of the prep work, the end result is a project that is fairly easy for beginners and costs far less than professional labor fees. And the best thing about painting is that it is super forgivable—even if you make a mistake, all you have to do is add another coat and it is hidden!

Tiling and Floors

Another area where you can really save a lot of money on a small kitchen remodeling budget is by installing flooring or handling any backsplash tile work yourself. There are so many great materials out there that are easy to install for even the beginning homeowner. Best of all, learning the basics of tile installation means you can use the same skills in other areas of your home, such as that dreamy master bath suite you’ve been thinking about putting on the future project list.

Changing Outlets and Lights

Are you a little intimidated by basic home electrical work? The truth is that it is a lot more simple than most people realize. Once you turn the breaker off at the panel, changing outlets or installing new light fixtures is relatively doable for most people. Plus, you can save a ton of money by not having to hire an electrician. We do caution you to use basic safety guidelines and leave any major electrical changes to a professional.

Hanging Drywall

If you’re adding walls or changing the layout of your kitchen, it might be necessary to add new drywall. In most instances, this is a pretty straightforward task that you and a helper can easily handle in an afternoon. The only downside to this is that it can be difficult to get the sheets to your home if you don’t have access to a pickup truck and some additional tools are necessary. However, if these aren’t issues, tackling this portion of your kitchen renovation yourself can be a good way to save.

Trim Work

Adding wider baseboards or framing in windows is actually a really easy task that can save you money if you opt to do it yourself. All you really need are trim pieces, a brad nailer, and a miter saw for angled cuts. Often, purchasing the cost of these tools if you don’t have them is still more economical than hiring the job out, plus you get to keep the tools for other home improvement projects.

An Affordable Option Without The Work: Refacing

Our team at American Wood Reface finds that time and cost are the largest factors that drive people to consider DIY projects. It’s no wonder since Refinishing and complete Remodeling are considerably expensive. Luckily, Wood Refacing for Kitchen Cabinets and Kitchen Countertops is more affordable than both. Additionally, we are able to deliver our services faster with the less environmental output! If you are short on time and looking for higher quality work, consider Wood Refacing as a perfect option. 

Wrap Up: Small Budget Ideas for Kitchen Remodeling

Updating your home is easy if you know where to save and when you should put in a bit of work on your own versus hiring a professional. These tips are great for anyone looking for kitchen remodeling ideas on a small budget.

However, if you don’t have the time or the skill, working with a contractor like American Wood Reface can be a great idea. We’re here to help and cannot wait to get started on your project! Please contact us for a free in-home project quote today.

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