Preserving and Nurturing Your Refaced Cabinets for Extended Lifespan

When you install your cabinets, you want them to last for years. Well-made, solid wood cabinets can serve you through several kitchen renovations. However, to keep the wood in prime condition, you must stay on top of regular cabinet maintenance. This helps to keep your cabinets looking beautiful. 

As a part of cabinet upgrades, cabinet refacing can capture a new look with your cabinets and repair any damage. You can make refaced cabinets look brand new without investing in all-new cabinets. Instead, you get a unique style without the waste and time needed to install a new set of cabinets.

If you want to reface your cabinets and capture these benefits, you want to keep your stunning cabinets in prime condition and hire American Wood Reface. Let’s explore what you should know about maintaining these important kitchen fixtures.

Cleaning Your Refaced Cabinets

Not cleaning your cabinets will cause dust and grime buildup, but our finish won’t penetrate, so rest assured your cabinets will last. Fortunately, there are just a few simple steps to keep them clean.

A step-by-step guide for regular cleaning

woman using the right cleaning product to extend the lifespan of refaced cabinets
  1. Choosing the right cleaning products. Your cabinets need something mild and gentle, so do not use abrasive chemicals or rough cleaning cloth. A simple cotton cloth and a little water or dish soap will suffice. 
  2. Cleaning the cabinet surfaces. As you start to wipe down the surfaces, avoid excess water. You only need a damp cloth, as too much water will encourage the wood to warp. After you wipe down the surfaces, use a dry towel to make sure the wood has been thoroughly dried.
  3. Handle any stains and spills immediately. If something spills on your cabinet, use a clean towel to clean it immediately. If you are cooking and something splatters on the cabinet, you want to wipe it immediately. 

Preventing Damage to Your Cabinets

When you’ve had a kitchen reface, taking preventive measures can minimize potential damage and help to extend their lifespans. 

Preventing damage to your refaced kitchen cabinets

wood refacing expert installing dividers on cabinet to prevent damages

Here are some simple tips to protect your refaced kitchen cabinets.

  • Using cabinet liners. These liners minimize potential scratches on the inside of the cabinets as well as damage from spills or dust and grime buildup.
  • Double-check the installation of your cabinets. Make sure cabinet hardware is properly adjusted and working smoothly.
  • Avoiding excessive moisture exposure. Since the cabinets are wood, too much moisture can lead to warping. 

Maintaining your cabinet doors and hinges

You must also take care of the doors and hinges to keep your cabinets looking beautiful. 

  • Avoid slamming the doors of your cabinets, as this will stress the hinges and make them wear out more quickly.
  • When spot-clean the hinges, use a damp cloth with water and vinegar. 

Seasonal Maintenance for Your Cabinets

Each season will typically bring environmental challenges you want to address for your cabinets. Here are some general guidelines.

Summer: In the summer, you have high humidity, which increases the moisture around the wood. Generally speaking, our refacing products withstand typical environmental conditions, and you do not need any special care or treatment other than occasional wiping down with a damp cloth.

Winter: In the winter, many homeowners have the opposite problem from summer. Instead of high humidity, they face dry air. Using a humidifier to keep a consistent home climate is a good idea.

wood refacing expert repairing cabinet to extend its lifespan

Repair and Restoration of Refaced Cabinets

Cabinets will occasionally need repairs from damage and wear and tear. You can likely handle the issue with minor scratches, dents, or chipping. However, if the damage worsens, we recommend contacting us for guidance and assistance.

Some types of damage call for professional cabinet restoration to make your cabinets look their best again. For example, professional help may be necessary if your cabinets have water damage. Similarly, you will likely need help repairing the problem if you have deep scratches or other damage.

Extending the Lifespan of Your Cabinets

You can take a few additional steps to keep your cabinets ready for years.

  1. Avoid heavy impacts. Banging into your cabinets or slamming them shut will significantly increase wear and tear. Similarly, hanging on cabinets will damage them.
  2. Get your kitchen cabinets refaced when needed. Taking care of damage to cabinets when you see it can help stop the problem. Your cabinet can then last for many more years to come instead of becoming damaged beyond repair. Professional maintenance services play a critical role in salvaging and maintaining your cabinets.

Caring For Your Refaced Cabinets

With the proper care, your cabinets will continue to look new. By taking the proper steps to clean and care for the cabinets while avoiding potential damage causes, you can preserve the beauty of your refaced cabinets.