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Cabinet Refacing in Savannah Georgia

You shouldn’t have to feel stuck with your kitchen. If it’s outdated, cramped, dimly-lit, or just showing the wear and tear associated with years of heavy use, there is something you can do about it. You don’t have to settle for things the way they are.

And, no, that doesn’t mean that you have to tear out your whole kitchen and start over from scratch. There’s a better answer to your kitchen woes than a full-on demolition.

It’s called refacing, and the experts at American Wood Reface want to be the ones who help transform your kitchen from drab, tired, old “yesterday” to stunningly beautiful “tomorrow.”

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A Lovely City Deserves a Beautiful Kitchen

American Wood Reface is proud to serve the people of Savannah Georgia. A city this illustrious deserves only the best.

Savannah is the oldest city in the state of Georgia, having been founded on the Savannah River in 1733, the same year as the founding of the British colony of Georgia itself.

Not only was Savannah the capital of colonial Georgia, it was also the first state capital of Georgia. Today, Savannah is the fifth-largest city in Georgia and the state’s third-largest metropolitan area.

And it’s no wonder that Savannah has grown to be so large. It’s a thriving seaport and cultural center.

Savannah has also taken care to preserve and celebrate its rich history, which includes roles in both the American Revolution and the Civil War.

Today, downtown Savannah includes the Savannah Historic District and the city further commemorates its architectural history through the Savannah Victorian Historic District.

Savannah is also famous for its 22 squares, which are small, parklike plots of land in the city that often commemorate famous people or events. The squares have their roots in the original plan for the city’s layout.

Your Newer, Better Kitchen

American Wood Reface has already mentioned that refacing is a great choice when compared to a full-kitchen tear out and rebuild.

This is true for a number of reasons. For one thing, refacing is a much more cost-effective solution to your kitchen woes.

Perhaps more importantly, the timeline for refacing is far more favorable to you, the homeowner. After all, when you choose refacing, one of our expert carpenters can get your kitchen project completed in about a week.

On the other hand, demolishing your kitchen and completely rebuilding it as part of a full-on renovation is likely to leave it out of commission for weeks or even months.

Add in the fact that refacing produces far less waste than a full kitchen renovation and you can clearly see the huge advantages that refacing offers to your Savannah home.

So Many Choices!

But, of course, your kitchen is such an integral and important part of your home that quality and choice are, in the end, probably going to be the biggest factors that will determine the method you use to reshape it.

American Wood Reface has great news in this regard as well!

We can’t be beat when it comes to quality materials.

That’s because we use thick panels made of solid wood when we replace your old, worn-out kitchen cabinet doors. We never use flimsy imitations.

And you can count on our team of professionals to expertly lead you through the refacing process from start to finish.

Perhaps it’s the range of choices that matters to you the most when it comes to refacing. Well, rest assured that American Wood Reface has a host of options for you!

Check out our online My Kitchen Palette tool to learn about the wood grains we offer, the finishes we can apply to complement them, and the array of design patterns we can use to transform your kitchen.

There are hundreds of different possible combinations available for you and your kitchen!

It all starts with a free virtual or in-home consultation with one of our kitchen specialists.

Reach out to American Wood Reface and schedule a consultation today. You owe it to yourself and your kitchen!


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