The Best Solid Wood for Kitchen Cabinet Doors

solid wood kitchen cabinet door comparison

Refacing your kitchen cabinets is a great investment to increase the value of your home and also improve its overall look at a fraction of the cost of traditional cabinet renovations. It’s critical to use the best solid wood kitchen cabinet doors available to you to get your kitchen cabinets looking their best in addition to them lasting longer. 

Choosing the best wood for your cabinets or understanding the benefits of each type of wood is difficult. To help you choose the best wood for your cabinet doors, the team at American Wood Reface can help you find premium quality wood at the most affordable price!

Advantages of Using the Right Wood for Cabinet Doors

Not all wood is created equal. It’s crucial to identify the best wood for cabinet doors that are durable, high-quality, and incorporate the design you want for your kitchen. Cabinet doors are generally the first items someone notices when looking at a kitchen. Whether a prospective homebuyer or your friends and family, cabinet doors express your style.

By choosing the best wood for your cabinets, you not only ensure that your kitchen looks great, but that your cabinet doors can withstand the test of time. That is especially important if you frequently cook and are constantly opening and closing your cabinets. In addition, the best wood for cabinet doors is sure to make them structurally sound and stand up to anything from scratches, dents, wear, use, you name it.

Tips in Choosing Wood for Cabinet Doors

When you’re choosing the best cabinet door materials, you might feel lost if you don’t have any experience with home renovations or know what to look for. At American Wood Reface, we’ll make sure you get the right materials for your cabinets. Whether you’re looking for the best wood for painted cabinet doors, want the best materials for a natural look, or are looking for affordability and quality, our experts can choose the best material to fit your kitchen’s desired look (and your budget).

Some things to look for when choosing wood includes:

  • Whether it’s prone to warp over time
  • If it’s finished or unfinished
  • If you want a custom design
  • Affordability
  • If the wood can be stained or not
  • The final look of your kitchen (rustic, modern, semi-modern, etc.)

The Best Wood to Build Cabinet Doors

If you’re looking for the best solid wood kitchen cabinet door options, there are many popular choices out there today.

Birch Solid Wood Kitchen Cabinets in an all white kitchen

Birch Solid Wood

Birch is a fairly cheap, yet durable wood. It can look more expensive than it truly is through staining techniques. It is more resistant to scratching than some more expensive woods, such as maple, and can fit into any modern kitchen. Its light, golden-brown coloring makes it a favorite of many homeowners today.

Cherry Solid Wood

Cherry Solid Wood Kitchen Cabinet in a modern style kitchen

If you’re looking for a darker, beautiful redwood that ages like fine wine, cherry wood is a great choice for cabinets. It is one of the best woods to last you decades, as it can withstand hard knocks. It might be on the pricier side of the woods, so this is an investment to think about beforehand. One of the most attractive aspects of Cherry Wood is that natural light changes the color from light to dark over time. For those that enjoy the look of darker woods or want wood with real character development, Cherry Wood is a great choice. 

Hickory Solid Wood

This is a beautiful, pale yellow wood that lends itself well to natural finishes. Although it can be stained, most people purchase this wood to give their cabinets a rustic, farm-style look. The price tag is heftier than on other woods such as maple and oak. However, hickory is known for its amazing durability.

Maple Solid Wood

Maple comes in a variety of colors from off-white to traditional honey and even darker hues. This fine-grain wood is a perfect choice to seamlessly integrate your cabinets into the rest of your home. It can be easily painted and is durable, making it a great choice for contemporary kitchens.

Quartersawn White Oak

Made from the same material as white oak, this wood is cut at a different angle to give it a beautiful, grainy look with textured lines throughout. It finishes well and is more stable than traditional white oak that is flat sawn.

Red Oak Solid Wood

This might be one of the most popular choices for cabinets, as it can be used in custom cabinets and stock cabinets. This is dense and hardwood that can be painted over and glazed easily, making it versatile.

Walnut Solid Wood Kitchen Cabinet

Walnut Solid Wood

This is a relatively strong wood that is durable and stands up well to water, more so than softer woods like pine. Walnut’s beautiful grain patterns and durability make this a favorite of homeowners.

Find the Best Wood For Your Home Today

Modern homeowners can rejoice at the many different options of solid wood available for kitchen cabinets. Solid wood is always the better option over veneer and laminates. Choosing the best solid wood kitchen cabinet door can not only give your kitchen the look you want but also add value to your home and stand up to the test of time.

Create Your Own Cabinet Style With American Wood Reface

Choose from thousands of solid woods, beautiful finishes, and attractive door styles to complement your home, lifestyle, and taste. Our designers will help you mix and match to create a look you love.

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