Efficient Ways To Modernize Your Kitchen

Modernizing your kitchen is essential in keeping your home up to date with the latest trends and innovations. Whether you’re looking to update appliances, renovate, or invest in new cabinets there are a few things you should consider before taking the plunge. At American Wood Reface, we can help you with the process of modernizing your kitchen. From backsplashes to cabinet refacing, our team will help you find the best solutions for your kitchen.

Install a New Backsplash

Modern kitchen backsplash

A kitchen backsplash is a vertical surface that covers the area behind the stove, sink, and/or countertop in a kitchen. It is usually made of tiles, glass, or other materials and is installed to protect the wall from water, grease, and food splatters that may occur during cooking. In addition to its practical function, a backsplash can also serve as a decorative element in a kitchen, adding color, texture, and visual interest to the space. It is often chosen to complement the overall style and design of the kitchen.

Installing a new backsplash is a cost-effective and practical way to modernize a kitchen. It can upgrade the look of the space by adding color, texture, and visual interest, increasing the value of the home and providing practicality by protecting the walls from stains and moisture. 

Modern backsplash trends offer a range of options, from bold colors to textured tiles, mixed materials, and large-format tiles, providing a unique and eye-catching design that complements the overall style of the kitchen.

Upgrade Your Kitchen Cabinets

Modernizing your kitchen with the refacing method goes beyond just enhancing the appearance of your cabinetry. With this approach, you can make various modifications to bring your kitchen up to modern standards.

Closeup details of grey and white contemporary classic kitchen designed in modern style cabinets.

One of the main advantages of refacing is that homeowners are not limited to the same cabinet box configuration they had before at American Wood Reface, we can adjust the width, height, or depth of your cabinets to accommodate larger appliances or extend cabinets to the ceiling for more storage space. We can also add new cabinets or trendy open shelving to your kitchen, providing more storage space and creating a modern look.

In addition to these modifications, we can install modern features that can significantly improve the functionality and accessibility of your kitchen. For example, we can add pull-out trash and recycle bins and convert standard lower cabinets to drawer banks for enhanced storage space and accessibility. We can even create a dedicated beverage center complete with glass doors, glassware storage, and a wine cooler.

Modern kitchens demand more from the available space than ever before, and a refaced kitchen – done right – can deliver the necessary improvements. So, consider partnering with American Wood Reface to modernize your kitchen, enhance its functionality, and add a touch of elegance and style to your home.

Update Your Countertops

White kitchen design features large bar style kitchen island with granite countertop illuminated by modern pendant lights

Updating your kitchen countertop is an excellent way to modernize a kitchen, improve functionality, and increase home value.

Modern countertop options are constantly evolving, with a wide range of styles, colors, and materials to choose from. Some of the latest countertop trends include quartz, concrete, solid surface materials, large format tiles, waterfall countertops, recycled materials, and natural stone. 

By selecting the right countertop, homeowners can enhance the overall aesthetic appeal of their kitchen and make it a more functional and enjoyable space to cook and entertain.

At American Wood Reface, we offer a wide selection of countertop materials that can fit any budget and style. Our team can help you find the perfect countertop to complete your modern kitchen.

Replace Your Old Appliances with Newer, More Energy-efficient Models

Upgrading your appliances is a great way to modernize your kitchen. Newer models are often much more energy efficient and can help you save money on utility bills. Plus, newer energy-efficient models can also add a touch of style to your kitchen.

Enhance both the beauty and functionality of your kitchen with new appliances. At American Wood Reface, we offer the convenience of installing your new appliances along with our cabinet refacing services, creating a seamless and cohesive look for your kitchen.

Install New Kitchen Lighting

Luxurious white kitchen with a beautiful lightning

Installing new lighting can dramatically affect the look and feel of a kitchen and is one great option for modernizing a kitchen even without undertaking a complete renovation. Newer lighting fixtures can instantly brighten up your kitchen while also providing better visibility when you need it.

Today’s must-have lighting solution under cabinet LED lighting, which can provide task lighting as well as enhance ambiance while also being energy-efficient.

At American Wood Reface, we offer personalized assistance to help you discover the perfect lighting solution for your kitchen. Our expert team can work with you to determine the most suitable under-cabinet lighting option that will perfectly complement your modern kitchen.

Install a New Sink and Faucet

Modern kitchen with a sink and faucet near the kitchen's window.

Your sink and faucet are two of the most important elements in your kitchen. Not only do they provide functionality, but they can also help to enhance the style and look of your kitchen. Installing a new sink and faucet can not only help you modernize your kitchen, but it can also make cleaning up easier and more efficient.

At American Wood Reface, we offer a variety of sinks and faucets to choose from. Our team can help you choose the perfect sink and faucet that fits your style and budget. For instance, farmhouse-style sinks are a popular trend that can instantly add character to your kitchen and make it more warm and inviting.

Give Your Kitchen Walls A Fresh Look

A new coat of fresh, vibrant paint might be all you need to modernize kitchen walls. Adding a pop of color can instantly give your kitchen a more modern look. Plus, it’s not as expensive or difficult to do as you may think.

Modern kitchen interior with furniture. Stylish kitchen interior with yellow wall

It’s important to consider how they will complement your cabinets, countertops, and other elements in the kitchen. For example, if you have darker cabinets, a lighter color for the walls would provide a beautiful contrast and make the cabinets stand out.

Neutral colors like white, gray, or beige are popular choices for modern kitchens as they provide a clean and fresh look. Bold or bright colors can also be used to create a statement wall or add a pop of color but be careful not to overdo it. Ultimately the goal is to create a cohesive and harmonious look that works well with the rest of the kitchen. 

Improve Your Kitchen Today

Modernizing your kitchen can transform it from a dull and outdated space to a beautiful and functional one. There are several modifications and trends that homeowners can consider to modernize their kitchens, such as installing a new backsplash, upgrading cabinets, updating countertops, replacing old appliances with newer, energy-efficient models, installing new lighting, installing a new sink and faucet, and giving the kitchen walls a fresh look. 

These modifications and trends not only improve the aesthetics of the kitchen but also enhance its functionality, making it a more enjoyable space to cook and entertain. Working with a professional like American Wood Reface can ensure that these modifications are done right, bringing elegance, style, and efficiency to your modernized kitchen. Call us today at 1-440-294-6094.