Which Kitchen Countertop Edge Style is Right for You?

Ogee Countertop Edge Style

Edge Style Shown: Ogee

You’re thinking about getting new countertops but you didn’t realize there were so many decisions to make. One of the details to decide is kitchen countertop edge style. While it may not seem like a huge detail, it can have a pretty significant impact on the overall style of your kitchen. With so many different edge styles to choose from, we thought we’d make it easy for you and put them all in a chart! We go into detail on a few of the most popular styles to give a better idea of what they are.

Standard Edges

  • Flat/Straight
  • Eased
  • Bevel
  • Quarter round

Premium Edges

  • Double quarter round
  • Double bevel
  • Full bullnose
  • Half bullnose

Custom Edges

  • Waterfall/triple pencil
  • Ogee
  • Double ogee
  • Cove
  • Dupont
  • Mitred drop apron
  • Chiseled edge

Straight Edge – Straight edges are ideal for a clean design. This edge style is slightly rounded on the corners to protect the stone.
Beveled Edge – A beveled edge is perhaps the most popular edge style and offers a sleek and angled look.
Quarter Round Edge – This edge style offers elegance and simplicity while remaining soft and inconspicuous in the overall design of your kitchen.
Waterfall Edge – A waterfall edge is great for making your countertops a focal point and really highlighting the beauty of the stone. This edge style is not to be confused with a waterfall countertop that continues down the side of the cabinetry.
Ogee Edge – This edge style offers a classic, elegant look that pairs nicely with traditional style.

How Do I Choose the Right Edge Style?

Waterfall Style Countertop with Flat Edge

Edge Style Shown: Waterfall style countertop with a flat edge

Style of Your Kitchen
While choosing styles for other elements in your kitchen such as cabinet door style, backsplash tile, light fixtures, and more, you’re likely going to notice a pattern. Are you choosing a lot of sleek styles with clean lines or are you choosing more curved lines? This will help you in choosing your countertop edge style.

Family Friendly
All those smooth, clean lines look great, but they don’t always mix well with kids! If you have children or are planning to someday, you might opt for an edge style that’s a little more rounded for safety reasons. A rounded edge is much safer to bump into than a straight edge.

Because some edge styles are more intricate, prices go up. Generally the standard, simple edge styles will cost far less than a premium or custom edge because of the work involved. While the pricey premium edges can be great for a statement-making countertop, you’ll find the more economical edge styles offer tasteful looks that will fit most any kitchen style at a reasonable cost.

Ready to Transform Your Kitchen?

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