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Cabinet Refacing in Matthews, North Carolina

If you know Matthews, North Carolina—and especially if you live in Matthews, North Carolina—then you know that there is much to love about Matthews, North Carolina.

It’s only natural to love a town with such historic charm.

But do you love your Matthews kitchen with the same passion?

If you don’t, then why not?

Is your kitchen outdated? Cramped? Dark? Or is it just lacking in the allure it once had when it was new?

If you’re wondering what to do about that, perhaps you should consider refacing.

After all, refacing is far less invasive than a full-on kitchen tear out and remodel. Refacing will cost you a lot less, too.

And, with expert craftsmen like the professionals at American Wood Reface handling your kitchen project, you’ll have your kitchen back in no time—in about a week, in fact.

Read on to find out more about how refacing can help you fall in love with your kitchen all over again.

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Town Evolution

Matthews wasn’t always named “Matthews.” It started its life as “Stumptown,” a considerably less elegant moniker.

The origins of the Stumptown name come from the fact that the early European settlers to the area were farmers who cleared much of the forested land to plant crops but left large numbers of stumps standing.

Although the roots of the name “Stumptown” lie in the early 19th century, the Matthews of today still honors its earliest sobriquet through sports. The Stumptown Athletic professional soccer team calls Matthews its home, and it hosts matches at the Sportsplex at Matthews complex.

But the evolution from Stumptown to Matthews had another stop. Matthews was known as “Fullwood” for much of the middle part of the 19th century. It was only in the 1870s, with the arrival of the railroad, that Matthews came to earn its current name.

Edward Matthews is the namesake of the town of Matthews. Matthews, the man, was a director for what was then known as the Central Carolina Railroad, later known as the Seaboard Air Line Railroad.

Other Town Distinctions

Matthews is the home of the headquarters for the grocery store chain, Harris Teeter.

The town is also a Bee City, having been designated as such in 2014 by the organization Bee City USA. This distinction recognizes that the Matthews community is striving to protect these essential insect pollinators, which are an important part of our food chain.

And, not to be outdone, American Wood Reface also calls Matthews its home!

Evolution and Distinction for Your Kitchen!

Are you ready for your old kitchen to evolve into a new kitchen—one that’s full of distinction?

Refacing will get you there!

Beyond being both swifter and less expensive than a full kitchen renovation, refacing also gives you just as many options to upgrade and transform your kitchen to match the one in your dreams.

Have a look at American Wood Reface’s online My Kitchen Palette tool to see the options available to you when you choose to reface.

There are hundreds of possible combinations. You can match your favorite wood finish to the cabinet door design pattern that appeals to you the most.

If you’re feeling overwhelmed, don’t worry! American Wood Reface will match you with one of our kitchen specialists who will help guide you through every step of your journey to your new kitchen.

Refacing is about more than just getting a new look. It’s also about fully upgrading every aspect of your kitchen to make it a more functional place.

If you want more space in your kitchen, our expert carpenters can install Lazy Susans, mixer lifts, swing-out pantries, microwave nooks, and so much more.

How about those countertops? If they’re old and scuffed up from years of use, let American Wood Reface get you brand new ones!

We also install under cabinet lighting. Whether you’re interested in improving your kitchen’s ambient light, or adding task lighting or accent lighting, American Wood Reface is ready to give you the bright and inviting kitchen you deserve.

Your path to a new kitchen starts with a free virtual or in-home consultation. Contact American Wood Reface today and get ready to enjoy the kitchen of your dreams!


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