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Cabinet Refacing in Hardeeville, South Carolina

When taking stock of your Hardeeville kitchen, do you ever think that it could use an upgrade?

Are you ever left pondering the benefits of having newer-looking cabinets, or better lighting, or countertops that don’t have scratches and dents in them?

If you have, there’s no shame in that! A lot of others feel the same way.

And many of them know the best solution to these kitchen woes. American Wood Reface would like to share that solution with you here and now.

It’s called refacing, and it’s an accessible, affordable, and cost-effective way for you the get the kitchen you’ve been longing for.

Intrigued? Read on to learn more about what refacing can do for you and your kitchen!

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A Brief History

Whether or not you think about the origins of Hardeeville when you’re sitting in your Hardeeville kitchen is up to you. Here’s a few words about it nonetheless.

Hardeeville was not actually incorporated as a town until 1911. Of course, people were living in the area long before that.

The town now known as Hardeeville takes its name from the Hardee family, as Isaac Hardee was an early settler and his son, Whyte William Hardee, helped to open up a railway depot and a general store in the area.

Hardeeville is notable for the logging operations conducted there in its early years. “Swamp logging,” as it was called, helped to make Hardeeville a renowned name in timber in the 19th century.

As logging eventually started to get scaled back, Hardeeville redefined itself as a source for meeting the needs of the ever-increasing flow of tourists and other motorists into the area.

With the construction of new roads came motels, restaurants, and gas stations to the Hardeeville area, which is still growing by leaps and bounds today.

Solid Wood Refacing for Your Kitchen

American Wood Reface would love to help you pay homage to the Hardeeville of yesteryear by improving your Hardeeville kitchen today!

Why not honor the important logging history of Hardeeville by getting your kitchen cabinet doors replaced with new ones made of solid wood?

Have a look at the My Kitchen Palette tool here on the American Wood Reface website. It will show you the vast array of design choices you have when it comes to refacing your kitchen.

Pick the wood grain that best suits you, add a fine finish, and then select the pattern you want the most. Experiment! American Wood Reface is confident that the perfect look for your kitchen is out there!

Still having trouble? We can help!

Contact American Wood Reface today and set up a free virtual or in-home consultation with one of our kitchen specialists.

Your dream kitchen is within reach thanks to refacing from American Wood Reface!


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