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Cabinet Refacing in Hilton Head Island, South Carolina

Hilton Head Island is a gem in the South Carolina Low country, just as your kitchen should be a gem in your home.

If you’re looking around your kitchen, however, and thinking that it’s anything less than that, American Wood Reface would like a word with you.

That word, to be more specific, is “refacing,” and it’s what we can do to give your kitchen that polish and shine that we know will make you smile.

The best part is that refacing actually describes a wide range of kitchen improvements that will help make the most important room in your home both a more beautiful and a more functional space.

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From the Earliest Days

Hilton Head Island is sometimes called, simply, “Hilton Head.”

Of course, whatever you choose to call it, Hilton Head Island is both scenic and rich in history.

The name for Hilton Head Island comes from Captain William Hilton, who ventured to the area in the year 1663.

Despite the area being inhabited for thousands of years, it was not until 1983 that the Town of Hilton Head Island was officially incorporated as a municipality in the State of South Carolina.

Hilton Head Island is definitely a draw for tourists from all over South Carolina and the nation.

In addition to this, Hilton Head Island has also distinguished itself as a protector of the environment. You can see this in the fact that it has a large amount of tree cover, relative to the amount of building and development it contains.

The area owes this to the way that the land is managed by the Land Management Ordinance as enforced by the Hilton Head Island Natural Resources Division.

Kitchen Cabinet Refacing and the Environment

There are so many reasons to choose refacing over a total kitchen renovation. Among them are quality craftsmanship, cost-effectiveness, the range of design options, and a quick turnaround.

But for an environmentally-conscious place such as Hilton Head Island, there is another valuable benefit to refacing compared to doing a complete kitchen overhaul.

That virtue has to do with the environment. Refacing is so much better for the environment than a kitchen demolition and rebuild.

Think about it this way: A full kitchen tear-out involves ripping apart all of the cabinets, the countertops, and maybe even the walls of your kitchen.

Refacing, on the other hand, produces far less waste. You can keep your cabinets in place white getting the new cabinet doors that will make them look and function like new ones.

Quite simply, refacing will send far less waste from your kitchen to the landfill compared to a full-kitchen renovation.

For Hilton Head Island homeowners, and for kitchen lovers throughout South Carolina, that has immeasurable value.

To learn more about refacing and its full range of options and benefits, reach out to American Wood Reface to set up your free virtual or in-home consultation today.

Your kitchen, and the planet, will thank you.


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