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Cabinet Refacing in Okatie, South Carolina

Is something not “okay” in your kitchen? If you’re wondering if it’s better to write “okay” than “OK” you should just know that we’re going to stay out of that and stick to kitchen refacing.

We’re here to talk about Okatie, South Carolina, and, specifically, your Okatie South Carolina kitchen.

How is your kitchen, anyway?

Is it looking a bit worn out? Perhaps it’s a bit dated. Maybe it’s too cramped, or too dark, or just doesn’t have the same magical allure it once did.

You could tear the whole kitchen out and start from scratch. But there is a better way.

It’s called refacing, and it has a wide range of benefits compared to a full-scale kitchen tear-out.

For one thing, refacing is far more affordable. Not only that—refacing is quicker. When you choose refacing, your kitchen will only be out of commission for about a week.

Refacing is also better for the environment, as it produces far less waste than a kitchen demolition.

Add to the above benefits the quality craftsmanship that American Wood Reface will bring to your kitchen refacing project and the vast number of design choices available to you, and refacing is the clear winner.

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Some Interesting Facts and Details

If you see the name “Okatie,” you might not immediately know how to pronounce it. But oftentimes, knowing how to say the name of a place as the locals do, when you visit, is a good way to cultivate friendly relationships with them.

So, for the record, Okatie is pronounced “OH-kuh-tee” and not in any other way that you might think of saying it upon first glance.

Although Okatie is an unincorporated area, it nonetheless has a population of more than 12,000 people and straddles two different South Carolina counties.

The name of the piece of land called Okatie actually comes from the stretch of water known as the Okatee River. Discovering how that “e” became an “i” is a task that American Wood Reface will leave to others not as dedicated to kitchen cabinet refacing as we are.

Start Down the Path to Your New Kitchen Today!

Here at American Wood Reface, we want your Okatie kitchen to be a source of pride for you. We want it to be more than just “okay.” It should be outstanding.

That’s why we don’t just commit ourselves to refacing your kitchen cabinets to make them as aesthetically-pleasing as possible.

We also pledge to give you a host of choices when it comes to modernizing your kitchen by making it brighter, more spacious, and more functional.

Add under cabinet lighting, install a swing-out pantry or a microwave nook, add pull-out trash or recycle bins—American Wood Reface can do all of this and more!

Start the journey to your all-new kitchen today by scheduling a free virtual or in-home consultation.

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