Kitchen Backsplash Layout Guide

There are so many options when it comes to choosing the right backsplash for your kitchen. Tile types, materials, shapes, and colors—there’s so much to consider! But the choices don’t stop there. Tiles can be laid in many orientations, mixing and matching sizes and shapes to create a unique look. Our kitchen backsplash layout guide can give you some kitchen backsplash tile ideas to implement in your space.

A tile backsplash is not offered in all service areas. Please check with your local American Wood Reface dealer.

Play Around with Tile Orientation

Many homeowners often overlook this

When you think about subway tile, you probably envision the typical horizontal layout that can be found in every home decor magazine or tv show but have you ever considered playing around with direction and a creative kitchen backsplash. Take a look at this stunning gray backsplash that’s laid out in an interesting diagonal pattern. Sometimes just taking tile and thinking of unique ways to lay it out makes a world of difference.

It also should be noted that this backsplash has gray grout that blends seamlessly with the gray tile, giving it an entirely different look than if it had white grout. This is something that’s often overlooked by many homeowners because white grout is so common, but it can really transform the look of your backsplash like it has done for this one.

Blend Colors in a Mosaic

When you have a few different colors that you’re trying to work into your kitchen, or you want a feature for your space that brings together the colors found in your cabinetry, flooring, and countertops, a mosaic backsplash is the way to go. As you can see in this kitchen, the glass backsplash combines various shades of brown and cream along with a pale bluish gray color that all work together to pull in the colors of the other design elements in the kitchen.

Blend Different Sizes of Tile Together

When choosing tile for your backsplash, it’s important to remember that you don’t have to pick just one! This design choice is often something many overlooks but is a great way to add a unique flair to your backsplash design.

This gorgeous kitchen has a crisp backsplash tile layout that incorporates both large tiles and smaller ones in varying colors. The smaller tiles form a type of border or stripe that helps carry your eye across space and pull in colors from the kitchen’s dark appliances and island cabinets.

Use Detailed Tiles In a Unique Pattern

Patterned or detailed tiles can be a fun way to add interest to your kitchen, but often times the look can become overwhelming with too much going on. For this kitchen redesign, we’ve added some beautiful diamond detailed tiles into the mix for a subtle yet unique backsplash design.

Like the mosaic we talked about earlier, this backsplash combines a couple different colors into a pattern that helps pull everything together. It’s important to remember that you never have to be married to just one size, shape or color of tile for your backsplash, and like this one proves, you can mix colors and patterns together and get something that’s visually interesting and completely unique to your kitchen.

Draw the Eye Upward Using Vertical Patterns

Similar to the diagonal subway tile backsplash, this one plays with directionality to create pinstripes that make a big statement for this contemporary kitchen. Sometimes it pays to think outside the box and create your own patterns like stripes (either pinstripes or thick, bold ones), diamonds, checkerboard, or chevron. By turning the subway tiles vertically, you’re pulling the eye up for a dramatic, bold, and open look.

Extend Your Countertops to the Backsplash

Sometimes there’s so much going on in a kitchen, between the cabinets, countertops, flooring, and wall color that you just can’t bear to pick one more material or design for the backsplash. The good news is, your options extend beyond a tile backsplash. In many cases, it pays off to go with a clean, streamlined design like you see in this transitional kitchen. The countertop material was extended to the backsplash all the way up to the upper cabinets.

Paired with under cabinet lighting, the backsplash has a sophisticated and clean yet bold look that’s also incredibly easy to clean. The great thing about pairing a quartz backsplash with under cabinet lighting is that all those interesting little flecks and varying shades of color in the quartz become accented with the power of light. Not to mention you’ll have a perfectly lit workspace where you can prep and cook food!

Incorporate Stone Elements for an Organic Feel

What is it about this kitchen that makes it so stunning and beautiful? Is it the warm, earthy tones of the cabinetry and flooring? The subtle patterns on the quartz countertops? The modern touches of the hardware on the cabinets and metal tiles on the back of the island? Is it the neutral and organic stone backsplash? We like to think it’s actually all of these different elements playing into each other.

When you combine sleek and modern elements like the brushed nickel cabinet and drawer pulls with organic elements like the stone backsplash and rustic flooring, you get a finished product that feels fresh and well-balanced. Take a look at the full project scope and solution for this gorgeous, modern kitchen.

Create a Focal Point with Patterned Tiles

It’s easy to fall in love with a patterned tile, but often times it would look too overwhelming to use it for the entire backsplash. But as we all know, falling in love is hard to deny, so there’s no need to part with that pattern for good! Consider using it in a concentrated area to create a focal point in your kitchen—like above the stove or sink—that will captivate your guests like the backsplash in this beautiful kitchen does.

Need Help with Your Backsplash Design & Installation?

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